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Series Four Spoiler Addicts Anonymous

because we can't help clicking

Series Four Spoiler Addicts Annonymous
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Do you find yourself clicking anything that has a spoiler warning?
Are you unable to resist reading anything behind a cut?
Do you wish that you had more will power and could avoid spoilers?
But know that you'll still read them anyway?

Welcome to Spoilers Addicts Anonymous, a place to share spoilers, discuss crack speculation and whine about how you are unable to resist spoilers.

And to keep to keep this place, a nice place, we have some rules:

1) All spoilers and/or spec behind cuts, we have to protect the innocent and unspoiled
2) All images behind cuts
7) All long posts behind cuts
4) No fic or icons, there are plenty of other comms for that
5) There will be no ship war here
5) And finally, play nice

For those of you who are unspoiled and wish to remain so, please take yourselves over to s4hermitsunited for all your unspoiled clicking needs.